Think like a CEO

What is at the top of the list of key characteristics of a CEO that would make her successful (resilience, stamina, IQ, EQ, confidence, ambition, humility, vision, trustworthiness, presence…)?

Formative experience and key leadership lessons together with influences make up the pool out of which a CEO can tie back her defining moments of truth to have contributed what type of leader they have become.

Why do certain people get promoted above everyone else? What makes them different?

Well, it is curiosity! Applied curiosity is unlike anything else. You can have a CEO going into a shop and literally making calculations and developing ideas to improve! You can see them talking to people about these ideas to engage and share.

You MUST have an infinite learning curve, burning with desire to learn any area that will impact your business with full focus and attention, also being able to link this to realities of the world and execution.

The successful candidate is constantly asking questions, probing, learning, understanding, collecting insights from all these and her experiences finding patterns.

Well, their most important job is: Develop a strategy that is compelling for her people and investors and all other stakeholders, being able to tell how they will win in sufficient amount of detail that makes the plan realistic and at the same time visionary.

This requires simplification of complexity and to be able to operationalize. And this is APPLIED CURIOSITY.

In this age of disruption, CEO candidates are required to start with WHY in everything and be able to continuously learn, while they keep on asking the right questions.

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