Objective of this blog

Why do we have this site?

I strongly believe in the power of leadership in this ever challenging world. Leadership starts with the person, and grows to encompass people and situations around us. If we are effective in managing and helping ourselves grow, we have a change to be an effective leader to influence the situations and people towards better outcomes.

I also believe that true leadership is built on readership. Reading creates the vision and perspective to see the world and people around us in different ways, continuously working the mind finding new insights, connections, and of course actions to change the world and people for the better. However, reading without sharing will make us less effective readers. Sharing what we learn, teaching what we have explored and understood helps our effectiveness to become a better version of ourselves significantly.

Hence, I decided to open up this blog with the motivation to share what I learn; both through my experiences as well as through what I read. I hope that curious and motivated people come to read what I write.

Come join and let’s learn together…

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