How will we manage global unemployment following the pandemic?

Millions of employees have lost their jobs or have been furloughed over the past two months, which led to massive government support in funding the unemployed and furloughed in addition to financing large and small companies. In the US unemployment benefits as well as pandemic related support created income that for a significant portion ofContinue reading “How will we manage global unemployment following the pandemic?”

How will Europe evolve following the pandemic?

Europe has been on the way of political and economic integration since its inception as a common market for coal and steel more than 60 years ago. After many decades of expansion, 2009 financial crisis and the current pandemic driven crises, the union is now challenged more than ever. Unfortunately the pandemic is pushing governmentsContinue reading “How will Europe evolve following the pandemic?”

What is Putin’s strategy?

Russia currently is built on a system and network that revolves around a three pronged strategy: Keep elites support Putin, keep elites be able continue their earnings, keep the society intact from economic meltdown. Current pandemic started hurting lives and livelihoods in Russia and it seems the state was unable to anticipate the surge ofContinue reading “What is Putin’s strategy?”